Burn the Rope looks awesome, has nothing to do with Cut the Rope

Before you go “ok, here’s one more company exploiting the popularity of the existing iPhone game” let me assure you this isn’t the case. Burn the Rope has nothing to do with the super-popular Cut the Rope. You’re not feeding any monsters here, but burning some ropes and insects that cross your way (and help you out).

Your goal is to feed the fire and burn as much rope as you can in each level to progress. The challenge is that fire only burns upwards, and you must tilt and turn your iPhone to keep the flame alive.

There are 80 levels included and you’ll also have to burn bugs along the way. These are not necessarily bad bugs with some of them actually helping you spread the flame to other ropes. For instance, ants change the color of the flame so that you can burn different colored ropes, and the spider shoots out a web bridge providing access to the parts of the level that were beyond your reach before.

You may think this doesn’t sound that interesting, but you’re wrong. As you’re about to see from a demo video below, we’re talking about the game that could easily be as popular as Angry Birds. Ok, I may be exaggerating but not too much. Here’s a short clip to prove my claim. Enjoy!

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