Android Market now has over 200,000 apps – unofficially

It’s been tough catching up to the king of the mountain, but Google is getting up there with the number of apps available in the Android Market. According to AndroLib, the open platform now has over 200,000 available applications. That’s some impressive growth considering the fact that Android is just a little over two years old.

Of course, the growth spike seems to have occurred in just the past two months. On October 25, we reported that Google announced its 100,000 app milestone – and two months later other reports are saying that the Android Market has well over 200,000 apps? If these figures are correct, that’s one whopping increase in such a short period of time.

Additionally, by the same firm’s count, over 2.5 billion apps have been downloaded from the Android Market since its launch.

The Android Market is going to see some major overhauls in the coming weeks, and we’re pretty excited to see things get cleaned up. A few tweaks have been made recently to make searches a little easier and more relevant, but it really needs something bigger. It also needs to have simpler payment methods or perhaps single-click options to purchase apps.

While the growth has been impressive, there is still quite some way to go in catching Apple. iOS continues to grow with steadily increasing iPhone 4, iPod touch and iPad sales, but Android market share is booming. The sheer number of devices has made it impossible to think that iOS market share will ever really dominate the top spot. It’s just that the lack of polish in some Android apps and the disorganized Market make it difficult to want or find – and ultimately pay for – some applications.

Now all we have to do is sit and wait for Google to confirm these figures before we go off making judgments about them. Until then, let’s just cross our fingers that the Android Market gets sorted the way it should and that the quality of apps getting pumped out gets better.

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  • Anonymous

    Whether there are 100,000 or 1 million apps is meaningless while Google lets any junk, spam, malware, “hello world” or test app etc into the Android Marketplace. Also, “apps” in the Android Marketplace include wallpapers, widgets, soundboards and ringtones making the total of actual apps far less.

    Recently, AppBrain posted that 45,000 of the 100,000 apps in the Android Marketplace were spam apps. That makes almost half of Android’s “app” total spam!

    John “DVD ” Lech Johansen, the author of DoubleTwist the popular iTunes replacement for Android has this to say about the Android Marketplace:
    “Google does far too little curation of the Android Market, and it shows. Unlike Apple’s App Store, the Android Market has few high quality apps…. just a few examples of what’s wrong with the Android Market. … 144 spam ringtone apps (which are clearly infringing copyright) are currently cluttering the top ranks of the Multimedia category… Developers and users are getting fed up and it’s time for Google to clean up the house.”

    And indication of the difference in quantity of quality apps between iOS and Android is no more evident than in the extremely important gaming category. Android is severely lacking in big name game titles from all of the largest mobile game publishers with only 16 games from Gameloft, Capcom Mobile, EA, Ngmoco, Pangea, Popcap and ID versus 309 from these publishers for Apple’s iOS. Likewise, there are 38,000 games in total for iOS vs 13,000 for Android.

    Although Popcap and EA have said they will start porting some games to Android soon, this disparity is not likely to change much with iOS developers making 50x the income ($1 billion) compared to Android ($21 million) over a similar timeframe according to Larva Labs and with piracy ranging from 50-97% on Android.

    Raw numbers do not a complete picture paint.


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