Notion Ink releases more Eden UI videos for Adam

From what we’ve seen so far of the Notion Ink Adam – be it the impressive hardware, or the not so impressive UI – it’s clear that the team has been hard at work making this tablet a reality. It my have taken a lot of potential buyers causing a ruckus about the lack of video of the Adam, Notion Ink has been putting up videos almost daily, showcasing what it believes is the product to beat.

The Eden UI is very simple and easy to use judging by the videos, but we’re wondering if it will be for everyone. While you do actually see the homescreen in one the videos below, the Adam seems to surround its whole UI around multitasking. That’s not a bad thing, but it looks as if it may be a big mess in real life. While Notion Ink has chosen light colors for Eden for better visibility, I really wish you could theme the UI, as the white and red just look plain bad.

Nonetheless, the Adam as a whole seems to be rather impressive any way you spin it. The software may not be for everyone, but that is what home replacements are for. The hardware usually pleases anyone who reads the spec sheet and if I was patient enough, I may have bought one of these things if their site could have handled the pre-orders.

Before we can officially stop calling the tablet vaporware, we’re going to need to see some actual units shipping. With rumblings that the first set of tablets have already been pushed back on the ship date, is anyone regretting their purchase? Notion Ink had a great idea but we’ve yet to really see if they’ve been able to deliver the goods.

Either way, I can’t wait see this thing at CES and be able to get some real hands on  time with it. Until then, we’ll have to make do with these videos.

[Via: NotionInkBlog]

  • I don’t understand your argument Blake. It has a home-screen with an icon grid just like iOS and stock android and one can easily launch full-screen apps from there.
    What NI has added over the stock experience is a highly capable multi-tasking UI (Leaves). And It is accessible by a single swipe. One can avoid it if they find it “confusing”. However it is pretty clear that this UI is more efficient than iPAD’s because one can actually do multiple things at ones using the 3 panels. It provided true-multitasking.
    Also, colors are inter-changeable using settings. not only that outer strips are also changeable to suit your color preference 🙂

  • Gcrv

    You say the UI might be a big mess in real life. You don’t give a reason why you think so. Yet you say ant way you spin it Adam is impressive!!! Your post is full of contradictions.
    Try reading it before you publish it.
    What software are you comparing Eden UI with?? Seems to me you have a mythical software in your mind and are unable to quantify its specs much less compare it or any other existing UI with EDEN.
    What rumbling have you heard about the delivery date. You don’t mention its source I have not heard about it any where.
    All in all your post displays a disorientation.
    Eating crow is a bit unpleasant and for some probably a bit disorienting but come on it can’t be that bad!!!

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