OnStar teams with Verizon 4G LTE, boosts app

Onstar integrates with Verizon LTE, improves app
Onstar integrates with Verizon LTE, improves app

OnStar wants to make sure it puts its stamp on CES 2011, as the company made a series of announcements. Of course, nowadays car tech and mobile tech are kissing cousins and this is shown by OnStar announcing it will integrate with the Verizon 4G LTE network and boosting its app to include more social features.

The OnStar Verizon 4G LTE integration includes an embedded modem in a Buick LaCrosse. The company is hoping that the extra speeds provided by this next-generation mobile data network will provide a host of new options for entertainment and maintainence.

One example of the OnStar Verizon 4G LTE integration is that you’ll be able to use an app to monitor your car remotely by watching streaming video from a series of cameras in your vehicle. This will also include things like impact notification, as well as being able to connect to Internet media like Slacker and Pandora.

It’s just being shown in a teaser video for the moment and we’re not sure when this will road-ready cars but the OnStar Verizon 4G LTE integration it does pave the way for an interested connected future.

The company also planning to improve its app by the middle of the year by including the ability to utilize Bluetooth to read and transcribe text messages and status updates from social networks like Facebook. This is slated to be an Android only app for the immediate future.

CES isn’t even officially underway and we’re already getting a deluge of news. Look for a ton of mobile technology to find its way into cars like we saw with the Tegra2 in the BMW and Tesla.

We’re going to be going non-stop for you (saving an occasional cat nap and refueling) for this show, so be sure to tune into our CES 2011 section for all the latest scoops.

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