Evernote hits 6 million users

Just a few hours before midnight on New Year’s Eve, Evernote got its 6 millionth user. It took 446 days to reach the first 1 million, 222 days for the 2nd million, 133 days for the 3rd, then 108 days, then 83, and just 52 days to hit this latest milestone.

In addition to announcing “we reached 6 million users”, Evernote also shared some cool facts for the end of 2010:

  • Year-on-year total users are up 186%, from 2,096,030 to 6,003,130, with December 2010 alone accounting for a 237% increase.
  • In terms of Premium users, they grew in 2010 from 35,310 to 201,308, which is a whopping 470%.
  • iOS is still leading the chart with about twice as many users last month as Android (1.1 million vs. 550,000). However, while iOS is growing at a rate of 223%, with a 1,570% growth rate over the same period – Android will most likely emerge as a dominant platform on Evernote. BlackBerry is also growing nicely, although from an admittedly low base. On the other end of the spectrum, HP Palm, Window Mobile (not Windows Phone 7) and web-based mobile usage is declining. The upcoming release of Evernote for Windows Phone 7 will definitely shake-up the chart.
  • As for the desktop use, Windows is up 214%, desktop Web – 205% and Mac is up 150%.

Now if they could only add Symbian support, I’m sure the numbers would go even higher. I’m just sayin’… 😉

[Via: Evernote Blog]

  • What’s great Evernote is it’s very easy to use. I pull in information from not only the web, but my scanner, email, even my cell phone. Evernote has increased my productivity 217% – I love their application, and it’s big a big plus to my company.

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