BlueAnt Stereo Headset unveiled at CES 2011

When you think of BlueAnt, you’re probably used to associating it with Bluetooth headsets and wireless accessories. So far, the company has been making some pretty killer Bluetooth headsets and hands-free car accessories, so it’s a little odd to see a wired headset from the manufacturer. We got to take a look at the new stereo headset and came away pretty impressed.

When BlueAnt told me that the headphones were made of a comfort foam that molds or shapes itself to the ears, I was a little skeptical about its ability to block out noise. BlueAnt said that noise cancellation technology wasn’t necessary because of how well the ear pad designed worked. I put the headphones on and was impressed immediately at how much of the showroom floor noise was drowned out.

The sound quality from the stereo headset wasn’t half bad, either. From the manufacturer’s press release:

BlueAnt’s “true sound” stereo headset replicates sound in its purest form, and gives consumers the freedom to adjust and modify it to suit their personal listening preferences. The BlueAnt Stereo Headset also is designed to minimize compression and distortion.

In the default settings, I listened to a Beatles song (Let It Be) and a Katy Perry song (Firework) – both very different in nature but each sounded clean and appropriate for the genre. Additionally, the BlueAnt Stereo Headset will ship with an Apple-compatible wire that has in-line controls for your iPod, iPad or iPhone.

The stereo headset will be available some time in Q2 – around March, we’ve been told – and will retail for $199 to start. I’m very picky about audio gear, and while $199 does seem a little pricey given what else is out there – and that the manufacturer is better known for its Bluetooth accessories – I would definitely pick up a pair of these headphones. They’re comfortable to wear, they do an excellent job of noise control and the sound quality is excellent at this price range.

For more information, see the video embedded below and be sure to check out the additional images.

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