AT&T talks trash about Verizon, inadvertently confirms CDMA iPhone

Verizon iPhone

Verizon iPhone

In response to a report about Verizon offering the iPhone with an unlimited data plan, AT&T struck back with a few scathing comments of it own. Larry Solomon, Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications for AT&T, sent the following statement to Business Insider,

“The iPhone is built for speed, but that’s not what you get with a CDMA phone. I’m not sure iPhone users are ready for life in the slow lane.”

This comment is an attempt by AT&T to deflect the growing chatter about the CDMA iPhone and bring the focus back to network quality. While trying to jab Verizon, AT&T also indirectly confirmed the upcoming arrival of the iPhone on Verizon’s network.

Rumors surrounding the CDMA iPhone exploded this weekend. The giant rumorfest started on Friday when Verizon began sending out invitations for a press event to be held 1/11/2011. Subsequent rumors suggest Verizon will announce the iPhone and make it available with an unlimited data plan. The CDMA iPhone is expected to be an iPhone 4 with a CDMA chipset, not an advanced version of the popular smartphone.

Once both networks have the iPhone 4 , network performance will be the defining criteria between the two carriers. If Verizon’s network holds up to the demand of the iPhone, then AT&T risks embarrassment as the carrier was ill-prepared to handle the soaring data demand associated with Apple’s smartphone. When the CDMA iPhone finally debuts, everyone will be watching Verizon to see how it performs both on the critical first few days after launch and down the road. Now that AT&T has cast the first stone and called Verizon out for having a slow network, how do you think Verizon should respond?

[Via Business Insider]


  • Anonymous


  • Thim

    No response needed. If someone called yous infant, would you argue, or simply let them look and be the less mature one……

  • Anonymous

    It seems that rumors about apple will come true, and verizon iPhone and iPad are the cry of apple users, so just waiting although iphone 3gs is so cheap to own.
    btw: clearing about the difference between iphone 5(take iphone 4 as reference) and iphone 3gs.

  • Russonline

    Can’t agree with your analysis.

    First off, network performance on both carriers has changed a lot since the early days of the iPhone. And presently, the iPhone 4 (which takes advantage of AT&T’s HSPA speeds) runs much faster than any device on Verizon’s EV-DO network (I can attest to this fact because I’ve been a concurrent customer of both carriers for the last four years and have seen the performance differences with my own eyes). An iPhone on AT&T’s network runs faster.

    Now, if the upcoming CDMA version a;so supports the 700MHz LTE network then, in those markets, Verizon’s iPhone will operate unmistakably faster but on the remaining 95% of Verizon’s network (where LTE remains unavailable) AT&T will have the upper hand.

    And, in six months, when the new iPhone 5 supports HSPA+, AT&T users will enjoy a fourfold speed advantage over their counterparts on Verizon’s EV-DO network.

    Indeed, a lot has changed since the early years of iPhone mania; among the most important, the device’s network performance is being optimized by Apple and the wireless data networks have gone through several generations of upgrades.

    Comparing the impact of introducing an iPhone on Verizon’s network today with the introduction on AT&T’s network four years ago is, in a word, ridiculous.

  • Gregory C Newman

    SometinmesTechnology talks and BS walks if AT & T has better gear than CDMA Verizon gear then AT & T people potentually will have a better use of the Iphone but if Iphone users on Verizon have less dropped calls then Verizon wins because people just the Call to go through and do’nt care too much about the technology that does it
    to go through

  • timmy

    veirzon should say how they have a faster 4g network

  • I read that as a denial that they’d get the device, “the device needs a fast network, I’m not sure it’s users are ready to experience it on an inferior network. So why do it”

    Rather than, “Hey, they said something bad about your mommy, stick with us instead”

  • Squiggycustoms

    Seriously. AT&T grow up. Your network sucks and you know it!!!! I’m looking forward to breaking my contract with you to get a new phone with another carrier. I’ve tested a VZW phone against my iPhone 4 and let me say it was way more reliable with speeds than yours. I could even make phone calls and have more than 1 bar of signal everywhere I went. In closing FUCK YOU AT&T. Build up your network cause it sucks and quit talking shit cause you know Verizon did it right the 1st time and built a quality network.

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