Verizon iPhone 4 Hands On – Look, ma! No SIM card! [update]

This morning we finally heard what we’d all been waiting for – the Verizon iPhone. The iPhone 4 as we’ve known it has hit the Verizon network and many Apple fans couldn’t be happier. Many of you waited and held out for the iPhone until it became available on the network that is far more reliable in bigger cities than AT&T. Or perhaps your area has Verizon coverage only. Either way, it’s here and we got a first look at the device.

It’s exactly like the iPhone 4 for AT&T. Almost. In terms of size, shape and weight, it’s practically identical. The only thing you’ll notice – and the only thing that would distinguish the two phones from each other physically – is the lack of a SIM card slot on the site. That’s because the Verizon iPhone 4 runs on a CDMA network that doesn’t use SIM cards – otherwise both phones are the same.

There is a huge difference in terms of software capabilities, however, in that the iPhone 4 for Verizon allows you to use it as a personal mobile hotspot. While the AT&T model allows you to tether, the mobile hotspot for Verizon allows up to 5 users to connect to the Apple smartphone at once. That way you and four of your friends can connect to the Internet through a single device.

Right now there is no word on how much that feature will cost, nor will we know whether there are any data caps or limitations to the additional service. But we can expect it to be comparable to other CDMA devices on the Verizon network that have the same capabilities.

We’re also told that FaceTime will work between AT&T and Verizon users as long as you’re connected to WiFi – pretty much as expected. Also, voice and data will work as long as you’re connected to WiFi – and who isn’t these days? – so long as your WiFi connection isn’t interrupted by your voice call.

Be sure to stay tuned for more on our thoughts and some video of the device as we continue to serve up additional Verizon iPhone info!

For the time being, check out our hands-on photo gallery and video below (video will be posted shortly). Oh, and if you’re not sure if you should get the AT&T iPhone 4 or the Verizon iPhone 4, read up on the differences here.

Video is now live, check it out below!

  • repubsblow

    bout to get one and switch it over to cricket. 50 bucks a month and runs as good

  • That sounds great, it looks like verizon will have a very good offer for the iPhone in terms of data,calling and even price.

  • patrick

    Love how they fail to mention that you cant voice/data at the same time. All the sweet iphone commercials youre used too cant be done on this, oh well. Samsung 4G LTE for me

  • Jeysang

    im selling verion more than 10yrs but i cant sell verizon iphone. sucks~!! It is nightmare for verizon indirect channel~!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      It’s coming to indirect channels, too, but not at launch.

  • Richie Elcooling

    What does the AT&T iphone has that Verizon Iphone will not have beside the talk and browsing the net

  • Richie

    My current verizon blackberry 8530 is do for an upgrade, I am looking to upgrade to a iphone but not to sure what service i should go with, AT&T or Verizon, My wife and few friends got the AT&T and loves it. I was also looking at the Droid X.
    I know that service is service, but the iphone is different, Verizon took the iphone and downgraded it. I think one of the carriers should reduce phone and plan pricing to get the better edge.
    any thoughts?

  • Maria

    I have a Verizon iphone 4 that a friend of mine gave to me. I now use a blackberry on Tmobile network. But, I would like to be able to use the iphone 4. Please tell me is there anyway to unlock the Verizon phone so that I can use it on a ghost carrier or Tmobile.The phone is already jailbroken, but I want to be able to use my phone number and Tmobile carrier.

    • janet

       I have the same question as Maria, the iphone has no sim card how can I get it to work on T-Mobile.  Anyone have a site I can go to.

  • Leslie

    does the verizon iphone 4g have a sim card?

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