BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 gets Official OS 6 from Mobilicity

As expected, OS 6 for the BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 has been released, but not by Telus – rather, regional no-contract carrier Mobilicity is the first one out of the gate with the upgrade.

OS 6 offers a lot of upgrades to the entry-level BlackBerry, like universal search which helps you find stuff online and on your phone just by typing from the home screen, a new WebKit browser for more refined web page rendering, and a whole bunch of UI updates that makes getting around a bit more enjoyable. As for the device, the Curve 3G isn’t much to look at, but it does provide all of the core functions you’d expect from a BlackBerry: Wi-Fi, 3G, GPS, a fixed-focus 2 megapixel (no flash), 2.4-inch QVGA display, 624 MHz processor, and 256 MB of RAM. It’s mostly just an iterative upgrade on the old 8500-series, but this OS upgrade will give it something the 8520 and 8530 doesn’t have.

The 9300 was announced with OS 6 compatibility in mind, which lucky for 9300 owners wasn’t too long ago. Other BlackBerry handsets have been getting their OS updates lately, like the Bold 9650 and 9700, leaving only the Curve 9100 unattended (though given the current pace of updates, I don’t expect it’ll take too long for carriers to push out OS 6 for it).

To get upgrading, you can download OS 6 for the BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300, and with a bit of fenagling, get it to work on your phone even if it’s not from Mobilicity. The CDMA version, the Curve 9330, was updated awhile back.

[via MobileSyrup]
  • Ryan

    will this work with the u.s tmobile model?

    • Lfczaki


  • mo

    ive turned my blackberry curve 8520 to ba 89300

  • I had a problem with the WIFI connection with my unlocked Blackberry curve 9300.
    When I was using WIFI with my Blackberry it was disconnected after a few minutes… I was not sure if my Blackberry will be unlocked after I update to OS6 but it actually did stay unlocked and I can still use my Blackberry with my SIM card (the device is second hand from a carrier that i don’t use) and this version pof the OS6 actually fixed the WIFI issue.. thanks for posting!

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