TweetCaster 2.6 introduces “Zip It” features; Dr. Evil rejoices!

Dr. Evil knew it all along – “When a problem comes along, you must zip it.” Handmark obviously put some thoughts on these immortal words, hence they’ve updated their Twitter client with… the Zip It feature.

Tired of reading stupid comments on Twitter? Want to get less of some person on Twitter (though don’t want to unfollow him or her)? Some trend bothers you? Zip It – it’s that simple. That’s the new feature of TweetCaster (version 2.6) that allows you to mute user, trend (with hashtag) or keyword.

To do that, simply swipe some tweet horizontally left to right and you will be prompted to select the tweeter or some content from their tweet to “Zip.” From then on, tweets from that tweeter or with the applicable content will be zipped. A zipper graphic will appear in place of the zipped content in the timeline.

Finally, once you’ve got your revenge (or whatever you wanted to accomplish), swipe the zipper graphic from right to left and the tweets are back.

And in addition to “Zip It,” TweetCaster 2.6 also comes with Instapaper support and color coding for your own tweets and @replies.

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