Samsung Phone Includes Fake Calling Feature

For all the fancy features smartphones boast these days, there are a few simple ones that feature phones got right that just never made the leap. Here’s a prime example: fake calling. Okay, so there are apps that do this, but the fact that whatever this Samsung phone is includes the function out of the box is still pretty awesome. By either holding down the Navigation key when idle, or tapping it four times when locked, owners of this handset could “get out of meetings or unwanted conversations” by simulating an incoming call, which seems to me like a pretty common need.

This isn’t a particularly new function, even though you might not have seen it before; Samsung includes fake calling on a few of their feature phones, like the S3370 in India, and the E1220 in China, which no doubt provides convenient social escape routes on top of some added security for ladies walking home alone at night. It is a little sneaky, though – can you really trust someone who takes a phone call in the middle of a conversation anymore?

[via Reddit]

  • marsha

    if you’re in a middle of a fake call, and someone is actually calling you, what will happen to your phone?

    • Alex

       if you’re the sort of person that needs to pretend to get calls, the chances of a real person calling you during one are quite low 🙂

  • Hate Stupid stuff

    I think it is a bunch of crap we got new work phones and for some reason once in a while they get randomly a “fake call” from “restricted’ i find it quite irritating

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