Handyscope turns the iPhone into a mobile dermatoscope

Among the ever-growing number of iPhone accessories, we’ve spotted a new one which may pave the way to revolutionize the health care as we know it. It’s called Handyscope and by sticking it on the back of the device, it effectively turns the iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS (auto-focus camera is required) into a digital dermatoscope allowing for mobile skin examination.

The accessory works in conjunction with an app that enables users to take a sample of their skin, which once a photo is taken, can be beamed directly to the physician to get his or her expert opinion.

Sounds weird and promising at the same time. Of course, I wouldn’t suggest replacing a visit to the doctor with something like this, but for occasional checks it seems good enough. The only problem is the price, which at 1,166 EUR ($1,582) plus $11.99 for the app, makes the Handyscope affordable to the select few. If you happen to be in that group, we’re eager to read your thoughts. Comments form is all yours.

Finally, before I let you go, we have a demo video of Handyscope in action to share. Here comes…

handyscope app ($11.99) [iTunes link]

[Via: Engadget]

  • Anonymous

    That is so interesting, How clever the designer is. I really want to try it…lOL.

  • Damonhickman

    Seems like for that much money you could get a REALLY nice DSLR with an excellent macro function and take a MUCH better picture, and have a nice DSLR to boot!! Rather than an amazingly expensive, mediocre camera you might once a half dozen times before it’s outdated and obsolete.

    • kelly

      Hi, to clarify, this is really a specialised dermoscopy lens used to take high def photos of the structures within moles using polarised light and contact with the skin. It is not a function that can be done by any DSLR and macro lens unless you attach a specialised Dermoscopic lens ( like a Dermlite Foto ). With a SLR and macro lens you get a lovely clinical image but not a dermoscopic image that can be used for accurate diagnosis. By using it on an iphone the image can be easily stored / emailed.

  • JMA

    Can I connect it to my Android?

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