Skyfire adds a search box and improved video to its Android browser

skyfire for android

skyfire for android

Skyfire for Android launched its alpha version in April 2010 with demand so overwhelming that the company was forced to temporarily close the alpha program. It was a freight train ride to the top and the Flash-enabled browser reached its 1 million download milestone last September . During these intervening months, Skyfire users have been treated to a steady stream of updates and bug fixes. To welcome in 2011, Skyfire ups the ante again by releasing its first official update for its Android version. According to Skyfire’s website, the update includes the following changes:

  • Search Made Simple: We’ve added a search box to the top of the toolbar UI – Accessing our OneTouch Search feature has never been easier.
  • Find great Video: Enhanced video search experience with increased content providers – You’ve got to try it! Enter a ‘search term’ and you’re watching video (Yes, the new search box works for this!).
  • Play more Video: We expanded our list of supported sites and video players. For example in the UK we now support the BBC iPlayer and in Canada we now support
  • Because your time is Important: We’ve removed the need to wait for the top toolbar to load prior to scrolling. Get your browsing started even faster.
  • Fine Tuning: Thanks to your help and feedback, we’ve squashed a number of bugs and eliminated some crashing issues noted on various devices. Bugs addressed are in the area of: stability/crashing, downloading and saving of files.

If you have not tried Skyfire, you can download the current version of this alternative browser for free from the Android Market. Android users that have jumped on the Skyfire bandwagon can use the Android Market update feature to download the current version. Enjoy!

[Via Skyfire]

  • Why did they add the search box? The URL box currently and has always acted as a uni bar (similar to how Google Chrome works on the desktop; type in a URL and it goes there, type in a search and it searches using Google therefore no need for a second entry box). All this new box does is duplicate a feature, cause clutter in the interface and use up extremely valuable screen real estate on a 3.5? screen with no preference to disable it.

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