Samsung Galaxy Tab – Over 2 million units sold

I had my doubts about the Samsung Galaxy Tab when it was first announced last year, and ultimately when it launched in the fall, but it seems that two million folks worldwide thought differently. According to Yonhap News, Samsung managed to sell over two million of its Android tablets all over the globe. Of course, it helps that the Galaxy Tab is available in 94 countries and about 200 carriers.

However, if you’re looking to jump on the Android tablet, you might want to wait a few weeks for Mobile World Congress where we’re expecting to hear about the next iteration of the device – the Galaxy Tab 2.

Bravo for Samsung – it’s not an easy feat to pull off so many sales in the shadow of the iPad. The Apple tablet has been so widely successful that even Oprah loves the thing and endorsed it during the holidays. However, we saw at CES 2011 that this is the year for the Android tablet, so Samsung should have that going for it. We’re going to see Honeycomb tablets with dual-core processors and possibly even 3D screens later this year, so hang tight before taking the plunge into last year’s models.

[Via: UnwiredView]

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