T-Mobile’s Android-powered Sidekick 4G pictured – Made by Samsung?

Remember the rumors about an Android-powered Sidekick 4G that’ve been floating around for sometime now? Well it looks like this device is very real, and today we’re seeing the Samsung-made Sidekick 4G in the flesh.

The existence of this handset shouldn’t come to much of a surprise, but the fact that it’s actually made by Samsung is quite surprising. Sammy has been pretty busy lately, as they have been churning out Android handset after handset like no one else, even if some of those handsets are merely slight variations of eachother. But from the looks of it, the Sidekick pictured above retains the look and feel of the original, which should keep many potential buyers happy.

We were initially expecting the Sidekick 4G to be made by HTC, but the hardware we see here from Samsung still looks solid. We’re rather proud of what Samsung has come up with. The device is running Android 2.2.1, looks to have a front-facing camera, and a keyboard that will have any ex-sidekick user running around in fits of excitement. It looks like your typical slider device, with no indication of the rotating/swiveling display that many have come to love.

The Sidekick 4G may not be what most enthusiasts of the original Danger-powered handset were expecting, but you can obviously see that T-Mobile has tried to give the look and feel of the original Sidekick line. Some may not like the fact that it is running Android, but at least it has the Android Market, endowing much more power and smarts to the handset as a whole. If you were to tell us that Samsung was making the handset when the rumor mill got started, we’d have been slightly less impressed, but I must say the hardware looks solid.

We’ll be on top of this story as more of it unfolds.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, are any of you ex Sidekick users thinking of returning? Anyone still have the bitter taste of the 2009 T-Mobile Sidekick data crash in their mouths?

Hit up the link below to see more spy shots.

[Via: TmoNews]

  • Awww, kinda making me nostalgic. Does the screen swivel? I was a sidekick user at the time of the fiasco and the whole time I was with T Mobile (sk2,sk3, sk LX 08), and I’m still bitter about the fact that I had to pay basically full price for a different phone, didn’t get a free one, no $100 discount or anything, and I was up for a full upgrade. Still had to pay $200 to pre-order the, wait for it, the Motorola Cliq *shakes head*. And now that the class action lawsuit has settled, we only get a $35 girl card or $17.50 check, haha, such a joke. I would have considered going back, it has Android, and I love the Sidekick form factor and keyboard, but I’m put off by Samsung making it, and I just got a G2 for free after Cliq problems, and had to renew my contract, and I don’t pay full retail price for any phone, hahaha. Plus, its not much of an upgrade from the G2, and I trust HTC way more when it comes to updates.

  • Avw14alex

    i def will be getting this phone! i will never forget the sidekick crash. But i did used to love my sidekick! this phone looks so cool!! 🙂

  • Jimfoxjones

    God I hope thats not a picture of the new sidekick, my 3G LX looks much better, that picture looks like a 2003 brick.

  • brittany

    I did not lose anything during the data crash, so I have had a sidekick for as long as I can remember. I have the LX right now, and I must say I am not happy about this change but if it will get rid of the issues sidekicks tend to have then I am happy. I have also been wanting to get a new sidekick so I am glad they are coming out with another one. I think the keyboard for the potential one in the picture is awesome. I will miss the swivel though if they don’t have it. And I am disappointed there isn’t more color on the phone. I think color choices is one thing everyone wants from sidekicks but we never really get.

  • I hope they cook this as Vanilla Android to make it FAST! I hope they do not put some laggy interface, skin, and a bunch of services that have been modified/added to slow down the best devices.

    Good thing they are including numeric keys as typing “”, or “1313 Mocking Bird Ln. #8675309” is a pain on Moto devices dedicated k/board (w/alt key) or the on-screen K/Board!

    I will not buy another device without dedicated numbers and a hard k/board.

  • Anonymous

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