HeyWire messaging app comes to Android

There’s a money to be made in mobile messaging when we have so many options available today, including HighNote, textPlus and Kik Messenger. Now HeyWire announced its Android application, which was launched on the heels of their iOS offering.

Described as a “mashup of top communications services” like SMS, Facebook Chat and Twitter into a Social Hub, HeyWire provides an easy way to connect with friends and family around the world. There are few reasons why you should consider using HeyWire:

  • Ability to text for free from a real, dedicated phone number anywhere in the U.S. and to 146 countries worldwide. You can send texts (SMS) to any mobile device, even if the receiver doesn’t have HeyWire installed.
  • Multi-language support – HeyWire sings along every major language found on your Android device.
  • Support for Twitter and Facebook Chat
  • Group messaging
  • A single homescreen widget for a quick glance at your inbox to view and cycle through texts, tweets and Facebook Chats.
  • Text message alerts in the notification bar even if the HeyWire app or the Widget is not open.
  • Support for voice-to-text or the Swype Keyboard for faster text input.

To download HeyWire on your Android smartphone, simply search for it in the Android Market and take it from there…

  • Farhatdon

    can u make wifi calls on heywire?

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