iOS platform comprises two percent of global web traffic

Its market share may have succumbed to Android recently, but iOS still manages to eat up two percent of the world’s total web traffic according to Net Applications. Apple’s mobile operating system is surpassed only by Windows and its very own Mac OSX for global web traffic rankings.

According to the survey, Windows takes up 89.7 percent of global web traffic, Mac has 5.25 percent and iOS has 2.07 percent in third place. Not bad for a mobile browser available on a small handful of devices! Android is down in sixth with just 0.49 percent of global web traffic, surprising given the ubiquity of the platform, but perhaps Android users are more accustomed to using apps versus straight web browsing.

However, Android is still growing, and with today’s presentation for Android 3.0 Honeycomb and the impressive tablets in the pipeline, these numbers could soon change. The year ahead is exciting for the mobile space.

[Via: All Things D]

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