iPad-only newspaper, The Daily, launches today

The future of publishing seems to be a mostly digital world, with magazines and other periodicals hitting the Apple iPad. The Daily, an iPad-only newspaper by News Corp., is launching today and an event is being held in New York City to herald its arrival.

The event is streaming live on The Daily’s website, and will become available in the iTunes App Store at 12 p.m. EST for those who want to give it a try. For those of you already consuming news via NY Times, Associated Press, NPR and USA Today on your iPad, it might be a nice addition to your daily routing. It will also be interesting to see the user interface since this is an iPad-only publication, whereas the aforementioned news outlets are online and in print.

If you’d like to see The Daily event streaming live, follow the link below.

[Via: The Daily]

  • Anonymous

    This should be out of business within a month. Tops.

  • Anonymous

    I think it will work. And, hopefully, this will send a huge message to other magazine/newspaper players that they need to drop their prices in the digital market if they want people to buy digital editions of mags/news. Personally, I’ll buy the year subscription and give it a shot.

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