Motorola teases Xoom Super Bowl ad

Motorola Xoom Super Bowl ad teased

We just got a little preview of the upcoming Motorola Xoom Super Bowl ad and it continues the theme of previous teaser ads by taking playful jabs at Apple’s approach to tablets and products.

The Motorola Xoom Super Bowl ad below is only 15 seconds and it looks like it ends abruptly but I understand why that is – the company’s probably spending at least $2 million on just the ad slot alone, so it doesn’t want to give away too much before the Big Game. Still, the dreary music, reference to the novel “1984” and the “sheeple” dressed in white robes and using white ear buds clearly show that this will be positioning the Honeycomb tablet as the alternative for those who want to “think different.”

Even though it’s brief, we can get a lot out of this Motorola Xoom Super Bowl ad thanks to our in-depth look at Android 3.0 Honeycomb. We see the protagonist reading the “1984” novel using the Google e-books service and thanks to the Renderscript animation framework, you can see how smooth page-turning animations are. We had hands-on time with this feature and it’s really slick – although I don’t know if we really need page turning animations on e-readers.

We also get a look at Google Maps on the tablet and it shows how the app uses vector graphics to create 3D models of buildings. We also got a look at this during our hands-on time and it was a solid experience that is a bit better than the Maps on iPad, which is also powered by Google Maps but developed by Apple.

So, will this Motorola Xoom Super Bowl ad be enough to help the tablet dethrone the Apple iPad? It’s an interesting idea to position Apple as the big, bad authoritarian company but I don’t know how well that will resonate with consumers.

Check out the ad below and let us know what you think.

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  • I think Motorola is going to make a big splash at the Super Bowl. I am almost more excited to see the Xoom commercials than I am the SuperBowl. Is that wrong? …

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