AT&T totally failed Will.I.Am during Super Bowl XLV

Things just couldn’t look any worse for AT&T as Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas lambasted the carrier for its failure to perform at Super Bowl XLV. The charismatic pop star suggested that it might be cool to send real-time updates to his Twitter followers as the BEP are doing their thing at halftime.

Will.I.Am said on Twitter:

So when Fergie is doing her part, and (other group members and Taboo) [sic] are doing their part, wouldn’t it be awesome to send a tweet to all the people that are following … bring the people even closer to the stage.

It would have been neat – sort of like when you’re watching the news and they’re interacting with Twitter users in real time – except it didn’t work out as planned. Why? AT&T. Total AT&T fail during halftime according to the BEP star, “Att crashed…ahhhh!!!! The worse [sic]” very quickly followed by, “At&t??? Wow…no service during halftime…unbelievable.”

If there is any reason to switch to the Verizon iPhone this Thursday if you haven’t already pre-ordered as an existing Verizon customer, perhaps it’s Will.I.Am’s frustration. I’m sure plenty of you can empathize with the artist – sometimes you just want to be able to send a tweet or text message or e-mail. You don’t give a damn about making calls while using data at the same time, you just want to be able to make and sustain the call in the first place!

[Via: New York Observer]

  • Blah

    Oh, I’m sure him saying AT&T crashed had absolutely nothing to do with Verizon running an iPhone4 commercial. Surely he wouldn’t have agreed to say something like that for a small ‘donation’ to his bank account!

  • Roger A

    AT&T has always, and will continue to always fail to perform at not only acceptable levels, but STANDARD levels of any other carrier (even MetroPCS levels) when it comes to large events of any type. Even at clubs, with 200 people, I see the iPhones being held high looking for signal, while Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint users just look and laugh, some of us even ask if AT&T users want to use our phones so they can make that call…
    At the end of the day the ONLY hope AT&T has for events like this is to hope and pray people leave in droves to Verizon for their iPhone to even out some of the network congestion.

  • jdd

    I just cannot understand why, despite all the press and forum posts about AT&T being so bad for so long,
    public figures and journalists continue to use AT&T. If its important to your jobs, then switch. Why do you hang on?

  • Russonline

    I propose a re-branding of this site: from “IntoMobile” to “We Absolutely Hate AT&T.”

  • Leom760

    all the halftime artist sucks all dress like stupid AT&T is the best like or not fuck verizon & all you jarring just switch & stop crying like bitches

    • sf24

      You almost had me there. I am an AT&T customer and I am staying with them. Nevertheless, while service may be acceptable, your comment about excellent service and AT&T being “the best” causes me to think that you are an AT&T shill. In fairness, the AT&T customer reps have been excellent and one day, the tech will catch up to the marketing.

  • AT&T the best

    this fucker is fucken liar I was in the superbowl my service was excellent AT&T add so many tower oround the stadium hey fucker how much did verizon pay you just because you famous people are not going to believe you freaking liar

  • OMG, serious Marc? Like great post!

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