Motorola Xoom Super Bowl Ad Debuts With A Familiar Anti-Establishment Twist

We’ve already seen a preview of Motorola’s Super Bowl Ad so far, and we even got some hands-on with the  real deal, but the full Super Bowl Ad has finally been posted online, following the Android tablet’s commercial debut in front of millions of Packers and Steelers fans. The ad evokes solidarity against the prevailing domination of Apple’s iPad, channeling the iPhone-maker’s own 1984 anti-Microsoft commercial.

Since we’ve already seen a good chunk of this ad before, we’re not surprised with what we see. The actors wearing the all-white cloaks are obviously Apple customers, seemingly living out their existence as mindless Apple clones. The “rebel” actor is the guy with the Android-powered Xoom tablet. It’s clear that Motorola is telling the world that there are more options available than what you’ll find in Apple’s “walled-garden,” and that its Android offerings will help you break free of Apple’s growing role as the new “Big Brother” of tech. The message in the ad is clear, and Motorola isn’t ashamed to push that message to the millions of Super Bowl XLV watchers.

As for the specifics, the commercial’s backbround music works really well with the cinematography to evoke certain emotions – curiosity, desire, and anti-Apple rebelliousness. The ad shows the guy with the Xoom in his efforts trying to woo the “i-Girl” he works with, and does so by making a video on the tablet for her. We really weren’t expecting the ad to go in this direction, as you really don’t know anything about the tablet besides a couple of features, like a camera.

Either way, we’re glad we can finally enjoy the the whole ad. Hopefully this will be the beginning of many more Xoom ads before it hits Verizon’s shelves. Until then, however, we’ll just keep watching our hands-on video that gives you a better feel for what this powerful Android Honeycomb tablet can really do.

What do you think about the ad? Does is conjure up any excitement for it at all, or do you think Moto could have done better?

[Via: YouTube]

  • Just Another Sheep

    In a world of sheep, you must buy a Xoom to be different? Dang it… I just bought all this Apple gear to fit in. Now I don’t know what to do.

  • Anonymous

    I love being a sheep. Baaa. BaaaApple.

  • EKA2

    dont be a apple/iphone or ipad sheep …..became a google multi vendors sheep…..funny..
    but the girl from commercial video is very beautiful…..very,..i m in love…. : )

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