HP launches “Everybody On” campaign to highlight how people use HP products to pursue their dreams

Today we saw the launch of a number of hot new devices from HP – a successor to the Pre 2, a phone about the size of a credit card and a new tablet that hopes to give the iPad a run for its money. Now HP is looking to launch a new ad campaign that touches on everything from music to fashion to business. It looks like the manufacturer also has some pretty solid backing from the likes of Alicia Keys Mondo Guerra.

Along with the new devices, this will probably help boost HP’s image after all these years of having almost no presence in the mobile space. We’ve all seen what a solid ad campaign can do for the success of new products – just take a look at the original Motorola Droid – so this is probably what HP needs. Along with the other products HP wants to promote, the new mobile devices is really where its future lies. Without solid exposure, a solid tablet like the TouchPad might go largely unnoticed by the general public.

For more details on the campaign, see the following page. For a snippet of this campaign, see the video below.

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