Exclusive: HTC Thunderbolt confirmed Feb 24th for Verizon and Best Buy

HTC Thunderbolt

Forget all the rumors and hearsay about the Verizon HTC Thunderbolt being a Best Buy exclusive or launching next week on Verizon Wireless. We have confirmation from a highly reliable source today that the much-anticipated and blazing-fast HTC Thunderbolt will be hitting the Verizon 4G LTE network on February 24th, and will be available at Verizon stores and Best Buy retail locations throughout the US. If you’ve been waiting to put an Android-powered smartphone that boasts 4G LTE data connectivity without compromising a high-end feature set, you’re wait will be over in a matter of a couple weeks.

But, until the Thunderbolt goes live on Feb 24, most likely as Verizon’s first 4G LTE smartphone, you’ll have to make do with our hands-on coverage of the handset and the benchmark previews here.

Unfortunately, we have no hard pricing data, but expect the Thunderbolt to land on Feb 24 with a price tag around $200 with new contract. Start saving those pennies!

[UPDATE] It looks like we jumped the gun on this one, as it looks like the Thunderbolt has been delayed until the 28th of this month. This date has been confirmed from Verizon stores, as well as various tipsters. A four-day wait isn’t too long, so sit tight!

  • Mikebuu

    hmm, its not confirmed unless its from an official representative.

  • IT SuperFreak

    I totally agree; what is “reliable source” anyways??

  • Rynadd

    This is bull. Its not official unless it comes from the mouths of verizon or best buy in my book. I work at best buy and we have been told the 14th is still on and the price tag is going to be over 250. So your source sucks. I would check around for better ones.

    • IT SuperFreak

      The article never said it was ‘official’.

    • Ejc2009

      I spoke to a Verizon rep. in a store in Charlotte this week and they said the TB will be available on the 24th of February for sure.

  • Except other sites like android central are also now claiming confidently that Feb 24th is the date, and they’re not just repeating intomobile, they’re claiming their own source. Looks like it may be true.

    Link: http://forum.androidcentral.com/htc-thunderbolt/59432-feb-24-thunderbolt-launch-date-confirmed.html

  • Anonymous

    damit, this better be the 14th, i can’t wait 10 day longer.

  • Anonymous

    also, it was supposed to be a valentine’s treat…

  • Anonymous

    aint the xoom coming 24th?

  • Nsl1972

    Verizon said do not believe any rumors , they will tell us when the thunderbolt will be released, I think, bet buy will sell it excusivly on the 14, then verizon will sell it on the 24 th, because best buy is not selling the iPhone for verizon. So that pull customers to best buy and to verizon and since verizon won’t be selling the thunderbolt on the 24 th you can’t exchange ur iPhone 4 at best buy since they will not be selling it… Smart strategy if you ask me!

    • None

      Best buy is selling the iphone for verizon. Its only at the stores that carry verizon in store. I work at a bb that does not carry verizon in store but the bb up the street from us does sell it in store and they had the iphone for verizon today

    • IT SuperFreak

      Nsl1972 – your exaplanation actually makes sense!!!

    • Nickszyp33

      you sir are an idiot….why would the same phone from the same company go live from best buy and not the actual verizon store at the same time..guess what you put a down payment on it so you have one when they do arrive…..it’s no different then going to game stop and pre ordering a game….just because you pre order it doesn’t mean you get it a week before someone else can….

  • An editor in chief should know the difference between you’re and your. I know I’m in the minority, but it is like nails on a chalkboard for me.

  • I have no personal experience to share, but your response is thoughtful, well-written and will contribute valuable insight for the rest of it, I’m sure.

  • Where’s my TBolt?!

    This just in: I just had a chat with a BB mobile rep online and he told me the following:

    “Verizon’s first 4G LTE Phone the HTC Thunderbolt should have been released Monday Valentines Day, and we will be carrying it. The release date has been officially postponed to a date unannounced. Due to the high demand we are now offering a pre-sale in store only. To pre-order the phone please go to your local Best Buy. There you will sign up for the pre-sale, and would need to buy a $50 gift card at the same time. This gift card can be used on any Best Buy purchase including the phone.”

    Looks like BB may be shooting for Feb 24 to release the TBolt like Verizon.

  • I got an email from BB Feb 17th around 1700, thanking me for signing up for BB Mobile notifications, and that my phone is ready for pick up on the 26th. Also be noted that when I pre-reg, they said I was the first on that stores list. So I’m expecting a 26th due date.

    • Mike_is_Mike

      Too bad they didn’t give you a year with that date!!!!!!!

  • Joe

    when is it coming out is it still the 24th or the 28th im confused and now there saying that they are removing skype mobile whats going on

  • Mike_is_Mike

    Wow! you guys were spot on with your prediction — NOT! 😀

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