Video of Nokia and Microsoft announcement now available

Nokia and Microsoft made a historic announcement today that unites the two technology companies together in the mobile marketplace. The press event spans a memorable twelve minutes and features both Nokia CEO Stephen Elop and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. Watch the clip below and see first-hand how the two companies will work together to bring Windows Phone to the world. The optimism and enthusiasm from Elop is infective and makes the video clip worth watching. Feel free to leave your thoughts and reactions to this joint venture in the comments.

If you have any questions for Elop or Ballmer, you can head over to Nokia’s Conversations blog and leave a question in the comments here. You can also tweet your question to Stephen Elop (@selop)┬ádirectly.

  • Great information however I couldn’t listen to either them for longer than 7 Min – Every
    word was Ecosystem.. It’s like they are god and found a cure for world hunger…

  • KIN=6.0=6.5=7.0=Wp7 They are all dead:)

    Nokia meets MS = Loser meets loser.

    Nobody wants to have closed code. It’s like re-establish communism in russia

  • Apple announcements makes me laugh with their “amazing”, “brilliant”, “wonderful” .. however Nokia’s announcements sounds like somebody just died.. What windows office? What xbox for phone? Anyway, good luck to Nokia but I am happy with my htc ­čÖé

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