Samsung Nexus S with AT&T bands hits the FCC

Just like the Nexus One, it looks like the Nexus S may find its way to AT&T in the future, as the handset has just passed through the FCC with the supporting bands. Soon AT&T customers will get a chance to have the sexy Nexus handset for themselves, but when is still yet to be determined.

It’ll be interesting to see if the handset will only be available at Best Buy, as that’s currently the only way to get the handset for T-Mobile. We wouldn’t be surprised if it stayed at Best Buy,  since we’ve yet to see any Nexus handset hit the shelves of a carrier in the US before. Google tries their hardest to keep the competition fair, and this is likely why you won’t find the phones they had a hand in making at a carrier’s store.

The Nexus One had its own AT&T variant, but never got a CDMA version out. Verizon and Sprint canned the Nexus One in favor of the Droid Incredible and EVO 4G, both of which met and exceeded the Nexus One’s specifications.

While the handset is still relatively new to the market, the Nexus S doesn’t have the spec sheet to outshine the likes of the Atrix 4G for AT&T. The Nexus S may be aesthetically more appealing, and have a higher version of Android, but it would still be hard to pick it over the Atrix 4G, which is now available for pre-order. It took a while for AT&T to offer Android handsets, but it looks like they’re going all in this year, and the Nexus S certainly wouldn’t hurt the lineup.

The picture shows the currently available Nexus S’ FCC picture, and the new version right next to it. They looks exactly the same, but the new handset’s model name is GT-i9020A, with the original being GT-i9020. So there’s little to doubt about the AT&T supported Nexus S, but by the time it hits, will it be worth it when so many compelling devices are coming down the pipe?

Any of your AT&T customers out there that are looking forward to the Nexus S?

[Via: WirelessGoodness]

  • But will it support AT&T’s HSPA+ network or just the standard 3G network

  • cwd

    I don’t want an AT&T version of the Nexus S. I want a pentaband version like the N8 so I can really have freedom of choice as to which carrier I choose. Right now if I buy a Nexus S I am still locked into a carrier.

  • Anonymous

    The one compelling thing about this phone over any other Android device is not on a spec sheet. It is the fact that OS updates come straight from Google. And if the Nexus One is a measuring stick, they will come as soon as they are released, not six months later, or worse…never (though no official release of Gingerbread yet for the N1 is a little troubling).

    This is the one killer feature that I wish manufacturer’s could understand. Android users want the latest software without voiding our warranty’s. I’d be willing to pay for each OS release if that would ensure that I have access to the latest and greatest build from my manufacturer (HTC).

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