This is how Camera+ creates its neat effects

Please allow me to indulge my photography obsession once again by sharing with you Camera+ and the process the developers take to create effects. If you’re familiar with iPhone photo apps like Instagram, Hipstamatic, Camerabag and Camera+, you’ll notice that film-style photos – especially ones that look like they’ve aged or have been taken by aging film – are all the rage these days. For better or worse. Here we’ll take a quick glimpse into what the Camera+ team does in order to create these effects, and how long it takes them to do so.

First, the team finds an image that gives them inspiration for a new filter or effect that they want to create. Then, they do their best to try to recreate the image effect within Photoshop. After numerous attempts, once they get it right, the developer codes the filter into the app. The process itself seems pretty tedious and takes quite some time, but the end result looks pretty damn good.

In addition to getting the filter or effect in Camera+ done correctly, the developer also needs to optimize it so that the changes take place sooner than later–who wants to wait 30 seconds to a minute for a filter to be applied to an image?

Overall, the results are pretty impressive and we get a nice little insight to how features and changes to an app take a lot of work and time. In this case, with the I ? Analog effects, the in-app purchase is totally worth it.

To see a small example of the work that goes into creating a single filter for Camera+, check out the embedded video below.

[Via: TapTapTap]

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