Warner Bros. to distribute movies as iOS applications

The Dark Knight App edition
The Dark Knight App edition

Warner Bros. announced today that the studio was releasing select editions of movies as iOS applications. The new distribution method will kick off with the release of the app editions of The Dark Knight and Inception for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The movie apps will be available for free and include the first five minutes of a feature film as well as bonus content such as games, trivia and soundtrack information. If you like what you see, you can buy the full movie as an in-app purchase that lets you download the movie and stream it.

The apps will be available for free in 30 countries including China, Brazil and the Netherlands. With its international flavor, each app will feature customizable menus in 16 languages and subtitles in 34 languages. The apps are also socially aware and let you share movie quotes with friends on Facebook and Twitter as well as view a live-stream of chatter about the film that you are watching. Additional details on this novel distribution method is available on the second page.

  • download and stream?

    I’d love this if I was able to download the whole movie, instead of just streaming it. I am guessing the article meant to say “you can download or stream, which ever is convenient”?

  • this is actually a good idea. content creators can get super creative with this.

  • i am using iphone 3G does it work in my mobile or i have to buy a new phone for this. and also this application is free of cost or this will be come in life time monthly bill with super saver scheme.

  • This is lkely to come with massive amounts of DRM preventing you from transferring your pseudo-purchase to DVD or other file formats. WB is also unlikely to simultaneously release in the theater and this app, so you’re still getting the movie months after it was released. A real innovation would be allowing you to download the movie the day it’s released in theaters, but Hollywood can’t break out of it’s old models of distribution, so we’re stuck with their crappy windowed-release system.

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