iPhone App: NYC Condom Finder [For the days when you’re too cheap to buy your own rubbers]

Earlier this week couples around the world celebrated the artificial holiday known as “Valentine’s Day”. In America the 14th of February is also “National Condom Awareness Day” because couples tend to … you know … share a soda pop down at the corner diner. In order to celebrate both holidays the city of New York launched a free condom locator app for iPhone owners[iTunes link]. New Yorkers looking to get their groove on, but too poor to buy their own cock socks, now just have to whip out their iPhone, hit a button, and their closest free battle helmet dispenser shows up on a map. At this point I’m asking myself if you’re rich enough to have an iPhone, then why do you need free love gloves? Hell, if you can afford a smartphone, any smartphone, even the dinky Android ones that are free with a 2 year contract, why do you need complimentary English riding coats?

Anyway, the message is important. If you’re fooling around then make sure you’re safe. That girl who goes to bed with you after you’ve known her for 30 minutes, there’s a high probability that she isn’t the cleanest spoon in the kitchen drawer. Say you and your lover know you are all good to go from a health perspective, are you ready and willing to bring a child into this world? Yea, thought so.

Alternatively, if you don’t have an iPhone you can go to findnyccondoms.com and it’s literally the iPhone application running in a browser. It even takes advantage of the HTML5 location feature so that you can find your closest free Rubber Johnny dispenser from the comfort of your home. Everyone has a computer at home and if they don’t then they can probably visit their local library.

Good luck young man, hope you don’t need penicillin next week.

[Via: Download Squad]

  • Dan Reed

    Excellent. Perhaps this will stop iPhone users from breeding. 🙂

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