Honeycomb SDK preview ported to EVO 4G, Desire HD, and Droid Incredible

You didn’t think the Nook Color would be having all the fun did you? The Honeycomb SDK preview has been ported over to the EVO 4G, Desire HD and Droid Incredible and there are three videos to show the progress of the builds. While the ROMs are in no way fully functional, it’s exciting to see that Honeycomb can run on phones and may be on it’s way before the official update.

We know that Ice Cream Sandwich will be the bridge between Android Gingerbread and Honeycomb but that hasn’t stopped the awesome devs from getting it up and running on phones. These builds are hardly ready for daily use but it is nice to see Honeycomb running on something other than a tablet. Since all three devices are made by HTC, we’re hoping to see support for other handsets in the future.

After watching the videos, I have to say that fragments, at least in the way they are implemented in Honeycomb, don’t really work for smaller displays. Even with the spacious 4.3 inch screen on the Desire HD and EVO, fragment panels are just too small to be useful. Still, this isn’t something that would make me avoid trying this out, but I bet Ice Cream Sandwich will add fragments in different ways. Functional or not, this is still exciting to see Honeycomb up and running before any official devices are available.

While Honeycomb is designed for tablets, it looks like it will get a long just fine with smartphones. These projects are being actively worked on by the devs at the T3HH4XX0R blog, and hopefully we’ll see a decent build in the near future.

If you’d like to give the ROMs a try, hit up the link below and remember that many features are still broken. Either way, it should be fun to pay around with the new user interface from Honeycomb, so be sure to tell us your experience in the comments below if you give it a shot.

[Via: T3HH4XX0Rblog]

  • Just as a heads up, it doesn’t work with the latest ClockworkRecovery, at least in my experience.

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