Android 2.3.3 update rolling out to Google Nexus One and Nexus S

Android 2.3.3 for Nexus S and Nexus One
Android 2.3.3 for Nexus S and Nexus One

Good news for Google Nexus One and Nexus S owners, the highly anticipated Android 2.3.3 update is finally rolling out to handsets. A Twitter post from Google’s official Nexus account confirmed the good news about an hour ago. The release will begin to roll out tonight and will take a few weeks to hit all Nexus handsets. The update will finally introduce robust NFC capability to the Nexus S handset and will be the first official Gingerbread release for the one-year old Nexus One.

Android fans have been reading about Gingerbread since last year when the original 2.3 SDK was released to developers. Android handset owners have been sitting on the sidelines, wondering when this elusive update will arrive. After the holiday season passed, the 2.3.3 version and its SDK were released to developers in early February with several features that enhance the NFC functionality of the Nexus S handset.

The latest rumor making the rounds suggests both of the Nexus-branded handsets may be the only handsets to see Android 2.3.3 as an update. This rumor hints that the remaining recent Android handsets from Motorola, HTC and others will jump past Android 2.3.3 and land on Android 2.4. Hopefully, Google, the Android handset manufacturers and carriers can come together to get these 2.3 or 2.4 updates out to the current generation handsets.

[Via @Googlenexus]

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