Consumer Reports Says Verizon iPhone 4 Still Has Death Grip

If you thought that the Verizon iPhone 4 was adequately shielded from dropping calls by bridging a gap in the frame in the bottom left (better known as Death Grip), Consumer Reports has some bad news for you. Just like the AT&T model, Consumer Reports has found significant signal loss when touching a specific part of the phone in low-coverage areas, which again means that though the phone receives high ratings, they can’t give it the Consumer Reports seal of approval.

Ask anyone who has one, and they’ll probably tell you the iPhone 4 is great. The 5 megapixel camera takes great pictures, the 3.5-inch 960 x 640 display is as sharp as you’ll find on a phone, the app selection is unparalleled, the front-facing camera provides video calling capabilities, the web browser is arguably the smoothest available (so long as you won’t miss Flash), and all of the usual smartphone fixings, like Wi-Fi, GPS, and 3G are included. It’s just too bad that it has some trouble with that whole making phone calls bit.

Despite the technical difficulties with Death Grip, it needs to be said that AT&T’s network is notoriously bad, and the Death Grip issue only compounds a bad situation. At least if you’re living on Verizon, you”ll won’t have to claw desperately for enough bandwidth to make a call or download an app, and the Death Grip thing can be fixed simply enough with a bumper. Those of you who have already taken the leap and picked up a Verizon iPhone 4, have you experienced any death grip-style issues?

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  • undecided

    I haven’t gotten the new iphone on verizon but that’s unfortunate to hear. I had a smartphone with sprint, but was looking forward to getting the new iphone with verizon, but now I don’t know. Isn’t the whole point of switching to verizon’s iphone that the service is supposed to be impeccable? I just don’t get it. My friend told me that his smartphone on the prepaid Net10 service is flawless. Apparently net 10 uses AT&T and verizon and switches between what’s strongest in the area, so basically you’re always covered. You’d think the contract plans would offer that since they cost at least twice as much (100 versus 50 for unlimited talk/text/data)

  • Richardbo9

    Such a simple problem to fix… DON”T HOLD THE PHONE THAT WAY. Problem solved. You’re welcome.

  • Martymcfly

    I had a iphone for a long time and loved it, and the AT&T one was fine, but honestly, once you get over the brand name, the market is full of smartphones that have most of the same features, at least the ones I care about (voicemail, email, surf the web), sure you lose a few cool apps, but you don’t really need them, and if you’re trying to save money, I recommend doing what I did, which was switch to straight talk, which is a prepaid service half the price of AT&T, only 45 a month for unlimited talk, text and web, with great phone selection. Iphone lovers shouldn’t be so wary if you want a lower monthly bill

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