Fan makes Windows Phone ad, leaves us in synthpop awe

Windows Phone fan-created ad
Windows Phone fan-created ad

There is not much to say about this Windows Phone advertisement, other than the piece is not done by Microsoft and it’s awesome. Created by Brando Foy, this is the type of slick advertising that gets people excited about a product or platform. While the early Windows Phone 7 ads were whimsical and clever, this ad by Foy is dynamic and eye-catching. It does not say much about the platform itself, but does that really mater when an ad is so catchy that you can’t take your eyes off of it?  Don’t take my work for it, check out Foy’s advertisement below and compare it to Microsoft’s advertisement also below. Which do you think is better?

While you decide, keep in mind the budget constraints and the difference between these two producers. As a large company, Microsoft has deep pockets and has reportedly thrown a lot of money at the Windows Phone platform. The Redmond company was rumored to have spent $500 million on the launch of WP7 which includes money for developers to get apps in the Windows marketplace, money to pay for advertisements, money to support carrier subsidies for bogo deals and other promotions. Mr. Foy did not have the same budget as Microsoft, yet did a stellar job. Shows you how much you can do with talent, enthusiasm, and some hard work.

[Via MobileCrunch and Brandon Foy]

  • Rushbc

    And he made that using a Mac.

  • Anonymous

    Microsoft should hire that guy yesterday. I never even considered buying a WP7 phone until just now. I still wouldn’t but I considered it while watching that video.

  • Anonymous

    That IS very catchy. I like the fan-made one better…well done!

  • Beamisralbo

    ofcourse the apple fanboy had to stop by and share some of the love he has

  • Gregory Newman

    Wow all this video needs is pretty woman’s voice telling what a windoows phone 7 smartphone can do and this would be a WINNER of a cmmercial to help sell windows phone 7 devices.

  • Amokler

    They really need to put this on tv, it will really boost windows phone 7 sales. Excellent job by the creator.

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