AT&T not shocked by iPhone defectors headed to Verizon

When the Verizon iPhone was announced, the world assumed that AT&T iPhone subscribers would be departing and defecting en masse. It turns out that’s not the case, and the numbers of defectors doesn’t surprise AT&T, says a high-level rep. Quite frankly, I’m not surprised, either. The subject of switching to Verizon for the iPhone is a dead and tired subject, but we’ll briefly gloss over it.

Far too many users who want to switch – no, not everyone on AT&T wants to leave and give up simultaneous voice and data or faster download speeds – are still on contract. Breaking those contracts can be pricey, and for many it’s worth waiting to see what Apple has up its sleeves this summer when a new iPhone model is expected to be announced.

Ralph de la Vega, AT&T’s head of consumer and mobility businesses, said in a Morgan Stanley tech conference in San Francisco, “”We haven’t seen any surprises, and everything is pretty much within our expectations.”

Of course, he wouldn’t disclose any numbers, but I suspect they’re much smaller than what we’d been anticipating. I imagined that at least 25-30% of users would leave, as most analysts predicted last fall that nearly a third of AT&T users would be prepared to leave for a CDMA iPhone. Perhaps little thought was given to cost, timing and everything in between. Luckily for AT&T, those factors worked in its favor. Perhaps it wasn’t so funny after all when the carrier assured its investors that losing iPhone exclusivity wouldn’t be a big deal.

[Via: WSJ]

  • Many people talk a bigger game than they play. It’s probably human nature that more said they would switch than actually did.

    I bought one, but then I’m already a family-plan customer and thus somewhat locked in to choosing from whatever they have to offer. So far, I’m happy with the phone. I like the Mobile Hotspot feature, as does my son who can now surf via his iPod Touch while I’m driving the car. I know there is a new model coming, that LTE is coming, and I’m at peace with all those things.

  • KennMSr

    Yes, Where have all the defectors and the late adopters gone. Here it is, almost a month since the big V got the iPhone and they barely have 7.5% of the US iPhone market according to Chitika Insights. Also according to early reports during the first week of sales AT&T was still selling iPhones on a daily basis just over half of what Verizon was selling. Therefore it’s a little hard to break away from the pack and take the lead when the leader still has his foot pretty hard on the pedal.

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