AT&T iPhone 4 mobile hotspot may be for only 3 devices

AT&T iPhone 4 hotspot may only support 3 devices
AT&T iPhone 4 hotspot may only support 3 devices

AT&T iPhone 4 users who were anxiously awaiting iOS 4.3 to get the mobile hotspot feature may be disappointed to learn that it looks like this will only support up to three additional WiFi devices.

The news comes from a leaked document on Engadget, which outlines the iOS 4.3 features. The iPhone 4 mobile hotspot on AT&T will only be able to connect three additional devices while the Verizon iPhone can do five and many other hotspot-enabled devices can do up to eight.

Is the AT&T iPhone 4 mobile hotspot limitation damning? I don’t really think so, as I’m a mobile fanatic and I’ve rarely been in a spot where I want more than three devices connected via my phone. It’s not that I don’t have the devices to do it but, in general, when I’m hotspotting, I want that one or two device to have as much bandwidth as possible.

Still, the AT&T iPhone 4 mobile hotspot limitation is irritating because we don’t know why it’s there. Could this be Apple’s doing with iOS 4.3? That’s possible but doubtful considering it worked with Verizon to enable up to five connected devices.

So, once again, it looks like AT&T is being a douche for no discernible reason. This is being very, very hasty as this hasn’t been made official but it doesn’t surprise us in the slightest. I guess I have to be fair though, as iOS 4.3 is coming to AT&T March 11 and we still have no solid word on when it will hit the Verizon variant.

The leaded slide also says that iOS 4.3 won’t work with the original iPhone or the iPhone 3G. I can’t be too upset about this because these devices have received multiple generational updates and at a certain point, the software has to leave some hardware behind.

What do you think about the AT&T iPhone 4 mobile hotspot limitations? Will this even matter in how you plan to use the service? As usual, let us know in the comments, friends.

[Via Engadget, photo]

  • Whatwhatjbdo

    Couple things are not correct about this. Wifi is connection is limited to 3 devices on the iphone…not an AT&T issue or crutch but an iphone one. Also, you are still able to connect 2 more devices through blue tooth and support up to 5 devices. My question to everyone else is this though: Why the heck are you sharing a Wireless network that can only support up to 6 Mbs (what i am getting on my AT&T iphour on avg) with 5 devices and kill battery like that…sounds kind of stupid? Second part: why the heck would you want to do 5 devices on an iphone 4 that only performs at 1.8 Mbs (top speed of Verizons 3G Network…yes they have good coverage too)?…oh and get a call and all 5 are knocked off the connection until your buddy is done making coffee plans with some chick…also…sounds kind of stupid.

  • Anonymous

    An absolute non-issue. For 99% of those those who would use their phone as a wifi hotspot, it would be for their own personal device (laptop, netbook or iPad). It is about gaining the opportunity to access the internet or document by using a larger screen or keyboard than the smartphone provides.

    Given the way AT&T charges for data ($25 for 2 gb/mo), I am surely not being the nice guy and letting my pals log into my iPhone-turned-hotspot and ring up extra download charges ($10 per extra 1 gb). Let them hang out at Panera or Starbucks if they want access to free wifi.

    Furthermore, the more devices logged into my phone hotspot, the slower the data speed to *my* device. If I’m logged on to the phone hotspot, I would want maximum throughput to minimize the time spent in this configuration to begin with.

    There are genuine reasons to be unhappy with Apple and/or AT&T, but this just doesn’t rise to the level of righteous outrage. It is more like being disappointed at being denied a capability that few, if any, would use in the first place.

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