Exclusive: BlackBerry PlayBook music store, podcast integration [HD video]

Exclusive: RIM PlayBook song store, Podcasts [HD video] - SXSW 2011
Exclusive: RIM PlayBook song store, Podcasts [HD video] - SXSW 2011

We’ve been looking at the BlackBerry PlayBook for a long, long time now and we thought it would be tough for Research In Motion to show us something new with its tablet but the company did reveal to IntoMobile exclusively how the song purchasing and how BlackBerry Podcasts will work on a live unit.

At SXSW 2011 in Austin, RIM showed us how the PlayBook will operate on the multimedia side and it will be partnering with 7digital to provide its music content. These songs will come without DRM and you’ll be able to use BlackBerry Media sync to get your existing music library on your tablet.

The PlayBook music store will link into the 7digital backend and you’ll be able to pump in your credit card info for some one-click purchases. The collection includes more than 13 millions songs including the wonderful Mountain Goats. You’ll be able to preview the songs before you buy it and previously-purchased content will be ready to rock and roll.

We’ve seen video of this before but this is the first time we see it on a real-life BlackBerry PlayBook. We also get a good look at the BlackBerry Podcasts integration, which brings audio and video podcasts to your fingertips in a simple way.

Of course friends, the real question is: When is this thing going to hit the market? It’s been almost six months since the BlackBerry PlayBook was first introduced and the competitive landscape has changed dramatically. We’re looking at a world with the iPad 2, Xoom Android Honeycomb tablet and the HP TouchPad vying for consumers’ attention, so RIM definitely needs to hit the “Q1” deadline it has been promising in order to make a mark with consumers.

The company assures us that it will be “sooner than you think” and if you watch the video below, you’ll want to believe it.

  • AWESOME!!! Can’t be Beat!

  • Billybob

    Release Date has already been set. April 10. Please do your research before you make snide comments that have no basis in reality. You end up sounding like another “Apple fanboy” otherwise.

    • Anonymous

      Not an official release date as of post. Better luck next time.

      • Anonymous

        i bet that is Canada, i’ve heard the RIM guys say it will be available sooner than yout think. Also they are still saying Q1 pretty often.

  • BlackBerry supporter

    portrait looks awesome!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, the individual orientation switching in portrait is pretty badass

  • None Given

    gee it downloads music and plays video. Thats impressive how??? Exciting in what way?? Another device to suck money out of your pocket. I already download music and play videos for free so ….

    • Nobody said you would have to pay for it… You can sync your Music and Video’s from Blackberry Desktop Software

    • Nobody said you would have to pay for it… You can sync your Music and Video’s from Blackberry Desktop Software

    • Jim

      Wow, the RIAA is definitely coming to check your licenses on your computer and sue you for $100,000 x number of copyright infractions. You’re definitely going to jail.

  • Looking good. Hope they release a 10″ version of this.

  • Joeandaly

    wow!! you have preview, songs and videos!! can be connected to big screen, podcast too!!! way to go Blackberry!!!! awesome!!!!

  • Clothyardshafts

    Screen is too small to enjoy shows

  • Anonymous

    Screen size is awsome. 10 inch is why i won’t buy iPad. Walking around miami beach today with my kindle in my front pocket, Wishing it was a playbook but knowing it could nevr be an iPad.

  • Mar

    The April 10 date was put forth by BGR, not RIM. Hence, not an official date. As far as the PlayBook goes, EXCELLENT.

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