Windows Phone 7 Marketplace now counts more than 10,000 apps

Windows Phone 7 Marketplace hits 10,000 apps

Windows Phone 7 Marketplace hits 10,000 apps

Good news for Microsoft as their Windows Phone 7 Marketplace has reportedly hit the 10,000 apps milestone faster than any other competing store, Apple’s AppStore included. The Redmond giant accomplished the goal within 4.5 month, compared to Apple’s 4.7 and Android Market’s 11 month, while Palm’s Web Store is still in the 5,000-ish figures.

However, Microsoft still has ton of catching up to do, with Android Market currently counting almost 200,000 apps and Apple’s AppStore dominating the market with its behemoth catalog of more than 300,000 apps. Still it’s a good start and considering the piles of cash behind the Windows maker, we’ve no doubts they’ll do their best to entice (read: pay) developers to jump on board.

As a reminder, Windows Phone 7 Market opened in late October 2010, and just three weeks later, it broke 1,000 apps. Then in December, it reportedly had around 5,000 apps.

We’ll be definitely keep following the mobile platform and app store “wars” and keep you folks in the loop with the latest news. Stay tuned, k?

[Via: PCMag, PocketNow]

  • Ti

    Impressive. They have more apps on the market than phones sold!

    • It’s like Andy Warhol predicted: “In the future, everybody with Windows Phone
      will have their own 15 apps.”

      Of course, with WP7 the ‘future’ keeps getting pushed forward by a few weeks,
      each month. In Nokia time, the future begins 1Q2012.

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