Use your phone to donate to Japan; Here’s a list of shortcodes

Donet to Japan via SMS

Donet to Japan via SMS

Good folks of MoCoNews compiled a list of shortcodes you could use to donate to the relief effort in the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. We’ve used their data to compile the table below. Needless to say, we encourage you to help others when you can.

Text shortcodePhone numberAmountOrganization
In the U.S.:
“JAPAN” or “TSUNAMI”20222$10Save the Children Federation, Inc.
“4JAPAN” or “4TSUNAMI”20222$10World Vision, Inc.
“MERCY”25383$10Mercy Corps
“SUPPORT”85944$10ADRA Relief for Japan tsunami victims
“MED”80888$10Assist International Medical Corps
“JAPAN”80888$10Salvation Army
“REDCROSS”90999$10American Red Cross
“TSUNAMI”50555$10Convoy for Hope
WAVE50555$10World ReliefCorp of National Association of Evangelicals
In Canada:
“ASIA” or “ASIE”30333$5The Canadian Red Cross Society
“QUAKE”45678$10The Salvation Army in Canada
In the UK:
“DONATE”70000£5Disasters Emergency Committee
In Singapore:
“RedCross”75772SG$50Red Cross

[Via: MoCoNews]

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