Gogo Inflight Internet offers free access to Twitter

Are you a regular jetsetter, or perhaps you’ll be hitting the skies within the next three weeks? Are you also addicted to Twitter and keeping up with the news and your friends’ whereabouts on the social network? Gogo Inflight is hooking it up with free access to Twitter from now until April 14, so you can tweet about the lame snacks, the crazy turbulence and the kid who won’t stop kicking your seat while you fly.

I’m going to guess that this will work with the Twitter web page only, so if you’re rocking some third-party application on a mobile device like a Droid or an iPad, it might not work. Luckily, all mobile devices these days have a web browser of some sort. And you’re likely not going to get to see any of the links your friends post on Twitter, either, since those will take you to web pages outside of the social network’s service.

While it seems pretty limited, it is cool to see what’s going on around the world and on the ground while you’re a few miles high.

[Via: Gogo Inflight]

  • Official Twitter app on iOS worked for me last weekend. 90% sure Tweetdeck on Android worked too.

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