Camera+ updated with ‘Clarity’ feature for enhancing photos

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of photography and the Camera+ app for iPhone, so I really couldn’t let the latest update to the app slip for our readers. At first I thought, “Oh, it’s just a little setting that makes photos a bit clearer. No big deal.” But after toying with it and looking at some before and after photos, it really does do a hell of a lot to bring out lost details in photos – which technically aren’t truly lost since your iPhone’s camera sensor picks up the data – and cleans up images a bit, too.

To see the before and after images taken by Camera+, check out this link here.

There is also a new little feature, which should come in very handy, with the focusing and metering options. Camera+ has always allowed you to select separate focus and light metering areas with your photos, but now you don’t have to do the two-finger gestures to get it going. You can now lock your focus area while you shift the light metering circle around. Your focus and exposures should turn out exactly how you want them now with a little less fuss.

Check out the video below to see how it works, and the video below that to see what the first video reminds me of. Oh, and then the last video for a quick walk-through of the app update, too.

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