Leak (Not Really): Nokia T7-00, it runs Symbian^3, has a 360 x 640 pixel screen, and that’s it

This time last year Nokia decided to migrate their product naming scheme from a four digit number to a letter followed by a single digit. Has it made things easier? Not really since you have devices out on the market like the C1, but you have to know the difference between the C1-01 and C1-02, two totally different variants. And those annoying dashes? They’re there on purpose because that’s how Nokia wants it. Anyway, today’s Nokia lineup is made up of the Nseries which focuses on high end multimedia, Eseries for enterprise folks, Cseries for the masses, and the Xseries for those who want a music oriented device. Today we’re finding out about something new, the Tseries. An upcoming device, the T7-00, was leaked by Nokia … twice. The first leak happened via the Ovi Publisher Tool that developers use when submitting applications to the Ovi Store. As a developer you’re supposed to list which devices are compatible with your app, and the T7-00 just so happened to be available as a check box. The next leak is from the infamous UA profile servers that Nokia owns and operates. That file tells websites and developers what the basic capabilities of the hardware are.

So what’s in the T7-00? It’s running Symbian^3, has a 360 x 640 pixel screen, two soft keys, meaning they’re most likely send and end keys, and that’s it folks. No images, no product description, nothing. We can speculate of course, and the T could possibly stand for tough. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a range of ruggedized hardware come out from the Finnish firm, and you need a device that can withstand cold temperatures, water, and accidental drops if you plan on using it that far up north.

What do you think the T7-00 is all about? More importantly, when do you think we’ll see it announced and then hit the market?

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    Really, what is the point of this post? Are you angry with Nokia for not providing an image ? Angry that it is a low end device that does not have the “battery killer” retina display? what is it?

  • Tablet?

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