Fuze Meeting brings HD video collaboration to iPad 2, Android Honeycomb tablets

Fuze Meeting HD on Motorola Xoom

Mobile video collaboration service provider FuzeBox announced multi-party HD video conferencing, as a major update to web conferencing product Fuze Meeting. The updated application/service now rocks an improved user interface, support for all major smartphone, tablet and computer operating systems, as well as additional multimedia sharing and annotation options.

iPad 2 and an array of Android 3.0 Honeycomb-powered tablets are on the list of supported devices, allowing for high-quality (720p HD) cross-platform video communication over 3G and WiFi networks. Of course, to get the better quality, it is suggested that you’re on a fast hotspot, though a reliable 4G network connection will work just as well.

Heck even you’re connection is far from perfect, Fuze Meeting will maintain the highest fidelity at low latency by dynamically adapting to available bandwidth with the Vidyo Adaptive Video Layering technology, using H.264 SVC.

Finally if you (want to) ask how many of your co-workers could participate in a video conference call – the answer is 10, i.e. quite enough. 😉

And you can learn more about the Fuze Meeting’s multi-party HD video conferencing from here.

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