Wirelessly Transmit Your iPhone’s Screen to Your TV in HD via The Moov

There have been a number of ways to get your iPhone or iPad 2’s screen onto your TV, but so far, I have yet to see one that is completely wireless, that is, until today. An Israeli startup company named Olion has developed an iPhone case that can transmit your iPhone’s display to your TV with zero latency.

In the tech demo video, Olion shows The Moov as it transmits a perfect HD image of what is being accessed on the iPhone’s screen. The tech demo takes a short tour of the iPhone’s Facebook app, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, and Lite versions of Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja. The demo also showed off some pictures as well as a video playing and everything looked great on the HDTV used during the demo.

Right now The Moov is just a prototype as Olion is currently looking for manufacturing partners. If they succeed in acquiring one, I can see this tech being something very popular as I would absolutely love to play my iPhone games on my HDTV without any cables tying me down. It would also be great to use on long business trips to demo apps as well as to watch Netflix on your hotel’s TV. This is a great piece of technology that I cannot wait to check out for myself if it ever gets released to the public.

[Via TUAW]

  • Arield

    This is BEYOND AWESOME!! If this technology matures and spreads, soon every High-end cell phone, video cameras, laptop, tablets and such, will be able to transmit wirelessly to the TV. How come this thing is not being talked about in every major technology site? In the Olion website they say they have a USB Stick-like PC-to-TV transmitter, how come that’s not for sale everywhere? I NEED these products!

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