AutoTrader iPhone App Connects You to Canadian Car Shopping Heaven

AutoTrader for iPhone App

AutoTrader for iPhone App

At least once or twice a week, I find myself ‘browsing’ for cars. I love ’em, and I enjoy checking out what’s for sale in my area. For some time now I’ve been using the app, and quite honestly, it’s a great way to shop for cars, all from the convenience of your iPhone.

Use of the app is quite simple. Hit the ‘browse’ tab at the bottom, and your iPhone will use GPS to locate your current coordinates. From there, it will return a listing of car brands available in your area. Touch the brand of your choice, and a listing of models becomes available. Touch the model, and from there you can see individual listings.

The listings themselves usually contain multiple pictures (the more the better in my book!), the asking price, mileage (ams), contact information, stock number, transmission type, drive train, and a thorough description. Each listing is quite concise, and contacting the seller is as easy as touching the phone number.

The built-in search feature is quite nifty as well. If the car you’re looking for isn’t available in your area, pop open the search and look elsewhere. Simply punch in the type of car you’re looking for in the ‘what’ field, and the location you’d like to look in within the ‘where’ field. Easy stuff.

Besides the features above, there’s also a dealers section that lists dealers in your area… and you can also save listings to the ‘saved’ section for future reference.

All-in-all, the AutoTrader app for iPhone is a great way to browse and search for that new (er, used!) car. I use it all the time to satisfy my curiosities, and I suspect when the time comes to pick up some new wheels, I’ll probably use it at that point too. for iPhone (Free) [iTunes link]

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