Apple iOS outpaces Android in enterprises

iOS outpaces Android in enterprise space
iOS outpaces Android in enterprise space

Some new data out of Good Technology shows that the iPhone and iOS is outpacing Android among enterprises.

If you don’t know, Good Technology provides enterprise mobility tools and it used to be owned by Motorola. Now that it’s an independent entity, it can offer business mobile solutions that include various platforms.

The company says that the release of the Verizon iPhone was a major contributor to its success in businesses.

Some other interesting facts include:

– iOS devices represented just under 70 percent of net new activations from January 1 through March 31, 2011

– iOS tablet (iPad + iPad2) share of overall net activations slipped slightly from 22 percent to 20.4 percent over the quarter

– Among the top 10 industry verticals, financial services saw the highest level of iPad activation with 43 percent, more than doubling the amount of activation in any other industry

– Android devices declined just over 30 percent of all net new activations over the quarter, but represented over 40 percent of all smartphone (non tablet) activations

Will Android boost its enterprise credibility anytime soon? Well, there are many companies aiming at this, as Motorola is boosting Android security APIs with devices like the Droid Pro.

The other factor that bodes well for Android in the enterprise is the sheer ubiquity of the platform. Research suggests that Google’s mobile platform will be the dominant platform by 2014 and it’s just a matter of time before that seeps into the enterprise. As more workers purchase their own smartphones, they will want to get their corporate e-mail and calendar on these devices. Some companies will want to get the cost benefits of letting workers buy their own devices, as long as these are secure.

With all the iOS and Android talk in businesses, let’s not forget that BlackBerry is still the main player in this space. It’s too soon to tell how or if the BlackBerry PlayBook will impact this market.

[Via Good]

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