Motorola in Q1: 250,000 Xoom tablets, 9.3 million phones shipped

Motorola has strong results thanks to Xoom
Motorola has strong results thanks to Xoom

Motorola just reported its first quarter financial results and, despite what some analysts say, the Motorola Xoom hasn’t been a flop. Well, probably not.

The company shipped 250,000 units of the Motorola Xoom in the three month period and that’s not that bad for a device in a new category. You can also get into the debate about whether “shipped” means “sold” but I think that’s kind of nonsense.

These are good numbers because the Motorola Xoom is kind of expensive, even if you get a carrier subsidy. The WiFi-only version on Sprint may help goose sales because it’s a cheaper point of entry.

The only negative thing about this number is that Apple sold 4.69 million iPad 2 units for its comparable quarter and it would have sold more if it could have made more. If you’re competing against the king of the market, you’d like your sales numbers to be a bit closer.

It was a solid quarter for Motorola otherwise, as the company had $3 billion in revenue for the period but a net loss of $81 million (GAAP) or $25 million on a non-GAAP basis.

“In the first quarter, we reached a major milestone in our history by becoming a new independent, public company. We enhanced our product portfolio by delivering compelling experiences with the launch of Motorola Atrix and Motorola Xoom, as well as offering unique end-to-end video solutions for the home,” said Sanjay Jha, chairman and chief executive officer, Motorola Mobility, in a prepared statement. “With a well-recognized brand, a strong balance sheet and industry leading intellectual property, we have the right assets to deliver an exciting pipeline of products, continue to grow our business and further improve our financial results.”

We’ll have to see how the Xoom can continue to compete once we see some more competition in the Android Honeycomb space.

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