Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 targets iPad, tablets

Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 targets iPad, tablets
Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 targets iPad, tablets

Adobe is hoping to capitalize on the tablet craze, as its Creative Suite 5.5 version now includes tools to target the Apple iPad, Android and BlackBerry tablets.

The Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 is a set of tools that are commonly used by content creators to create things like magazines, newspapers, websites and much, much more. Basically, if you’re creating any consumer facing publication, you’re going to use some elements of Adobe’s software. The 5.5 version includes tools which lets content creators target the Apple iPad, BlackBerry PlayBook and the variety of Android tablets that are coming.

“Adobe is leading the charge for HTML5 authoring with new capabilities in Creative Suite 5.5 that will radically enhance the delivery of HTML content across multiple browsers — on the desktop, tablets and smartphones,” said David Wadhwani, senior VP and general manager at Adobe, in a prepared statement. “For creators of mobile apps on iOS, Android or BlackBerry Tablet OS, our latest Flash tools deliver stunning high-performance apps, without having to start from scratch for every device.”

The tablet emphasis with Creative Suite 5.5 isn’t much of a surprise, as Adobe knows how big of a role smartphones and tablets will play in the future. The company has been pushing its Open Screen Project for years and this is aimed at getting its content on as many screens as possible.

While we may never see Flash on the iPhone, you can be sure Adobe will have a lot of its fingerprints on many iOS and other tablet apps. The Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 should wind up creating many programs and apps which you see on various devices, as companies like USA Today and NBC Universal have already endorsed the product.

It’s a professional-grade product and is priced accordingly (a few thousand, depending on where you get it) but you will definitely see the impact on your tablet soon.

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