Comscore report shows Samsung and Android kicking ass

Hot on the heels of the IDC report yesterday, Comscore has just released its report for March 2011 in the US market. While Samsung may be the fourth largest handset manufacturer globally, the company is the largest in the US, followed by LG and Motorola.

Samsung holds the top spot in the US with 24.8% of all handsets shipped, with LG, Motorola, RIM, and Apple following. While Sammy still holds the lead, it has lost 0.3 points since December 2010. In fact, the only company that actually saw growth in from December to March was Apple, gaining 1.1 points, and sitting just under 8%.

The report also shows that LG maintained 20.9% and didn’t lose or gain share through the past three months. That’s still good enough to hold 2nd place, and with its new handset lineup coming down the pipe, LG is certainly poised to gain share over the next couple of months.

Motorola fell from 16.7% to 15.8%, showing the greatest loss of the top handset manufacturers, but with RIM holding onto to only 8.4%, Motorola will likely won’t be losing the third place spot anytime soon.

As far as operating system share goes, Android has done it yet again, and managed to grab 6% of the market in the US over the past months, bringing it up to 34.7% in the US. RIM lost 4.5%, and now has 27.1% of the US market. This may be good enough to take second place for now, but Apple is right behind RIM with 25.5%, and could easily take 2nd place in the very near future.

Windows Phone 7 and WebOS still struggle to get in the double digits, both losing 0.9% during the time frame of the report. Both companies have some compelling products and partnerships on the way, so it’ll be interesting to see how this will alter the market going forward.

[Via: PRnewswire, photo]

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    why is this article under Windows phone section?


    you know, htc is the top android manufacturer yet they fail to mention them…

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