HTC Flyer’s Digital Pen costs whopping $79.99 at Best Buy!

Honestly folks I’m not sure why would anyone want the HTC Flyer? It’s not a Honeycomb flyer (though may get an update), lacks a dual-core processor yet it costs like it does have one. Really don’t get it. Sure it’s compact and HTC is well-known for its build quality, but I’m not sure that’s good enough.

Ok you may like the stylus (the so called Digital Pen), but wait… you don’t get one with the tablet purchase. You’ll have to pour out an additional $79.99 to get it. That’s at least its price at the moment if you get it from Best Buy. 80 bucks is way too much for a stylus in my book.

How about a pouch, do you need that too? Prepare to add an additional $34.99 to get the leather one, which comes with a spot for the Digital Pen. You can save $5 if you buy both the pouch and stylus, and get them for $109.

Let’s recap. You want the Flyer ($499) with both accessories. The total price at Best Buy is $608. Way too much… Alternatively, you will be able to get the Flyer from Sprint on a contract…

[Via: AndroidCentral]

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