MapQuest becomes the first turn-by-turn navigation Android app to deploy Skyhook’s Hybrid Location System

Skyhook, the company behind the technology that makes GPS navigation more precise, announced a deal with AOL-owned MapQuest to embed its Core Engine into the MapQuest Android app and deliver an “enhanced navigation experience on phones.”

If you haven’t heard of Skyhook before, you may wonder how their technology is better than the “regular” A-GPS. The problem with standard GPS can occur when you want to start a trip from inside a parking garage, or by following a route through the urban canyons of New York City. Simply put – in situations like these, GPS signal gets lost. Skyhook’s technology combines Wi-Fi signals with GPS to eliminate this problem, delivering more precise information faster.

MapQuest’s Android app is available as a free download, offering voice guidance / turn-by-turn navigation, voice search, map toolbar, walking directions and live traffic flow information. In addition, it requires no subscription or download fees to work… You can grab it from a link below.

MapQuest (FREE) [Android Market link]

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