Samsung Galaxy S II hits 3 million preorders from operators all around the world

Samsung’s Galaxy S II, announced back in February at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, has been out for less than a month, yet it’s already logged 3 million sales according to a recent report from Samsung Hub. The 4.3 inch Super AMOLED Plus packing, dual core rocking, Android 2.3 running superphone has seen many favorable reviews from technology publications all around the internet, so it goes without saying that these sorts of preorder numbers come as no surprise. Now while the 3 million figure isn’t exactly equivalent to customer sales, they instead reflect operators securing stock that they then resell to customers, the equivalent of American operators buying phones from Samsung and then selling them to you, effectively taking their cut, it’s still an impressive milestone. The South Korean handset vendor has said that they plan to sell 10 million of these things, and we think they’ll likely hit that target before the end of the year.

The only things that can possibly derail the success of the Galaxy S II is Google announcing a much improved version of Android at Google I/O tomorrow, making technology savvy buyers hold off on making a smartphone purchase. Then there’s also devices like the Sony Xperia Mini and Palm Veer that are starting a trend against the anti-giant display, will others jump on the bandwagon? And finally there’s Apple, who in less than a month will show off iOS 5, and quite possibly unveil their long rumored cheaper iPhone.

If you’re one of the people who like Android, but are deciding to hold off on the Galaxy S II, we’d like to know why you’ve come to that decision. Is the high price tag turning you off, or are you waiting to see something with a higher screen resolution, or a smaller screen, or … well dammit, what’s the reason?

  • The first thing I’d buy after getting rich is this phone.
    (Not Only Ubuntu Blog)

    • Inchiprivatei

      I’ve taken the plunge and bought the Galaxy S2 and can honestly say it is an amazing bit of kit. I owned a HTC Desire previously and was thinking about waiting for the Sensation but I fear, once again, the battery is going to be HTC’s achilles heal. The Sense UI and build quality are superb but if you’re out of juice after a bit of surfing, then what’s the point.

      I think that I can honestly say that the Galaxy2 is superior to iPhone 4 in almost every aspect. Buy one today!

  • Gadget Freak

    Luv Samsung Galaxy S2’s specs, Holding off due to three reasons: 1.) HTC Sense is a super UI which is unmatched by Samsung’s TouchWiz 2.) HTC’s flaghsips have a classier aluminium unibody design 3.) Quad-core Superphones are set to be released by both Samsung and HTC, albiet at a later date.

    HTC’s current dual-core contender Sensation seems to be consistently scoring at the low-end of all CPU performance benchmarks.

    Hence my ideal situation is a HTC Quad-core superphone with blazing performance by 2012 early. If that doesn’t materialise will opt for a hypothetical Quad-core Samsung Galaxy S3 which should be available by 2012.

    • Gdram

      HTC is not a cool thing to look at, design wise. Not to mention GS2 has undoutedly superior technology. I would love to get the GS2 but I recently signed a new 2-year plan and not rich enough to buy another phone. I wll wait for GS3.

  • One major problem we on West Asia have with Android, is how Google has blatantly refused to fix the various West Asian texts. Persian appears backwards and disjointed. Is it that difficult after all this time?

  • Z900

    I did want to buy the samsung galaxy s2 but my htc desire hd got upgraded to 2.3 and i didn’t feel as much as an urge having the current latest software.

  • 3 million pre-orders. Maybe Samsung will actually support this one

  • Anonymous

    dude, i you don’t even tell me what the fucking price is. yes, i want the galaxy s 2 with a supreme fucking hard on. i will definitely buy it asap!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sudersan D

    I’ve already pre-booked it, cant’ wait any longer… an absolute superphone that you can’t go wrong with. i only hope samsung delivers it on time…

  • Sudersan D

    I’ve already pre-booked it, cant’ wait any longer… an absolute superphone that you can’t go wrong with. i only hope samsung delivers it on time…

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